Sheet Metal Fabricated Black Anodized Sheet Matal Bracket
Aluminum Anodized Sheet Metal Bracket Assemblies
Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Face-Plate with PEM and silk Screen
Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Face-Plate

Ionthis Sheet Metal Fabrication

Ionthis manufactures custom Sheet Metal Enclosures, Housings, Bracket Assemblies and various Components. Our sheet metal capabilities include CNC Turret Punch Press, Single and Progressive Stamp Punch press, Breaks, Laser. A full list of our Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities are listed below including our full service options.

What makes Ionthis a unique Precision Sheet Metal Fabricator is that we can offer our customers choices on different processes options to best suite their design, production, market and cost requirements. This allows our customer to make their best-informed decision and not force feed them only one process. To understand the differences in each process plus the positives and negatives please see our section “Sheet Metal Fabrication Process” under MFG Processes explain

Although we routinely manufacture large production runs, We specialize in LOW COST SMALL QUANTITIES

1U CATV Transmitter Aluminum sheet metal chassis with PEM and powder coat and silk screen
1U Aluminum Sheet Metal Chassis with PEMs
Sheet metal Fabricated adapter plate with PEM
Aluminum Sheet Metal Adapter Plate with PEMs

Capabilities of our Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • CNC Punch (QTY 5-5000), No or very low tooling cost
  • Stamping Punch (QTY 250+), Lower per part cost
  • Laser Cutting
  • Manual and Automated Break Press
  • Deep Draw
Cable Management Cabinet
APC outdoor power supply housing
Outdoor Back-Up Power Supply Housing

Additional FULL SERVICE Capabilities

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Surface treatments such as Anodized, Alodine, Zinc, Nickel, Chrome and Gold Plating, Powder Coating & Painting
  • Fastener installation such as PEMs, Rivets, REVNUTS, weldnuts and so on
  • Welding (MIG, TIG, Spot) Available if required
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor services (IP66, IP67 & IP68)
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Optionally as semi-box builds or complete box builds if required
  • Silk Screening and Engraving
  • Bulk packed or individually packed for wholesale or retail sales
  • Material such as Aluminum, Stailess Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, Beryllium and more.
Custom powder coated computer case
Custom Computer Case
Custom Electronics Chassis

We Contract Manufacture but not limited to

  • Bracket Assemblies
  • Enclosures
  • Housings
  • Panel and Panel Assemblies
  • Sheet Metal Chassis
  • Faceplates
  • Sheet Metal Cabinets
  • Rack Mount 1U-6U Sheet Metal Enclosures
  • Electronic Sheet Metal Enclosure
  • Electrical Enclosure
  • Computer Enclosure
  • Custom Copper/Beryllium Components and Connectors



 FULL-SERVICE means the contract manufacturer can provide you with a finished part including but not limited to special surface finishes, Anodizing, PEM/Fastener Installation, Powder Coating, & Silk Screening/Engraving, Welding, a “one stop shop“. This eliminating having to resend out your part for a secondary process to a separate multiple vendors. The significant advantage to this is you now only have one source responsible for your quality and on time delivery needs.


Cradle to Grave” means as your product matures, we will continually give you suggestions, (process changes, material changes, sub-assemblies) to reduce your cost giving you an improved sales advantage. An example would be perhaps at the beginning of marketing your product, your volumes are low, and you do not want to make the investment in a punch mold. What Ionthis could make your finished part from CNC Punch or Laser and the beginning with little or no NRE investment.  When your volume gets high enough to justify mold. then Ionthis will recommend move you into a mold. This is “Cradle to Grave”.


For a DFM/Analysis and recommendations of your Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Die Cast, Investment Cast and Sand Cast component or assembly, feel free to contact Ionthis at