Ionthis Contract Manufacturing

At Ionthis Inc, we are a Cradle-to-Grave / FULL-SERVICE CONTRACT MANUFACTURER. We are only an OEM Contract Manufacturer making components and assemblies only for our customers, never manufacturing a finished product to sell to an end-user. This means we are never in direct market competition with our customers.

Ionthis specializes in DFM (Design For Manufacturing) to help improve our customer’s design and reduce cost whenever possible. Ionthis will work with our customers through design, prototyping, and small production runs to establish the market and then into full production.

Note that our capabilities not only include high quantity production runs, but we have the flexibility and specialize in smaller MOQs that many competitors refuse to consider meeting your unique needs.

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities:

What makes us a unique contract manufacturer in providing manufacturing services is that we can give our customers OPTIONS of Component, enclosures/ housings, and full or partial assemblies (box builds) of:

We also supply:

Therefore we can give our customers positives, negatives, and cost and delivery advantages or disadvantages of using each process or material and let our customers decide which best suits their market, design, and cost needs. 

Full-Service Contract Manufacturer:

Ionthis is a FULL-SERVICE Contract Manufacturer, which means we provide our customers with a COMPLETELY FINISHED  part or assembly including but not limited to:

  • Machining.
  • Fastener installation such as PEMs, Standoffs,  and Rivets.
  • Surface treatments include bread blasting, brush, Anodizing, Alodine, Powder Coating and Painting, Plating (Nickel, gold, and so on).
  • Printing such as multi-color silk screening and engraving and special labels
  • Assembly, full or partial, or kits that could include 1 or all of the capabilities above for final assembly at our customer’s facilities.
  • Special packing and retail printing.

This not only eliminates multiple responsible vendors to a single point of responsibility, but it also gives our customers the best cost advantage. Additionally, we provide design and engineering support, and if you do not have a finalized design or just have a concept, we will complete the design for your approval

Cradle-to Grave Contract Manufacturer:

“Cradle-to-Grave” Contract Manufacturer of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Die Cast, Extrusion (Heat Sinks & Pipes), Plastic Components, and Enclosures means as our customer’s product matures, we will continually give our customers’ suggestions (process changes, material changes, sub-assemblies). An example will be if our customer’s volumes increase we can recommend switching from a sheet metal enclosure to a die cast enclosure to reduce OUR CUSTOMERS cost giving you an improved sales advantage and not force-feed our customers the only process our competition manufactures such as a sheet metal enclosure.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

Contact Manufacturer of Sheet metal transmitter ARPD chassis for the Cable television Arris

Die/Investment Casting

5G IP68 CATV outdoor node Die Cast Enclosure Contact Manufacturering

Extrusion (Heat Sinks/Pipes & Components)

Black Anodized extruded heat sink contract manufacturer


PC/ABS plastic enclosure Contact Manufacturer

Machining and Forging

CNC Machine Aluminum Plate Contract Manufacturer

Custom Fabrication

Custom welding and fabrication Contract Manufacturing

Cable Assemblies/Wire Harnesses

Cable assembly with molex and hirose connectors Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing Team

Our team can provide our customers with a complete value analysis incorporating our knowledge of manufacturing processes. Ionthis focuses on more than one small aspect of our customers’ application and contract manufacturing requirements. Ionthis has extensive contract manufacturing experience in Sheet Metal Fabrication, Die Casting, Extrusion (Heat Sinks & Pipes), and Plastic/Silicone, including fabrication, machining, tooling, surface treatments, assembly, box builds, and packaging. This allows our experienced engineering team to analyze the entire manufacturing cycle and identify cost savings efficiencies and opportunities. We will suggest design enhancements utilizing our vast experience to improve quality while reducing cost.