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Die Cast, Investment Cast & Sand Cast Enclosures & Components

5G CATV Die Cast Enclosure Contact Manufacturering
Cable Television Enclosure
5G Cable Television Die Cast Amplifier node enclosure
Die-Cast CATV Amplifier Node
Small CATV Amplifier Enclosure NODE IP67
Small CATV Amplifier Enclosure
Die cast box out of aluminum for an electronic instrument
Aluminum Enclosure

Ionthis Die, Investment & Sand Casting

Ionthis manufactures custom Die-Cast,  Enclosures, Housings, and Components, Investment Cast Housing, End Caps, Brackets and Components  & Sand Cast Brackets, Enclosures, Motor and Pump Components and Valve Components, and more. Our contract manufacturing Casting Capabilities include Automatic /Robotic and Manual Cast with Individual Crucible Furnaces allowing for small to large production runs.

Ionthis strengths include die-cast per standards, investment cast, and sand cast designs that can be tailored/engineered to our customers’ casting needs. Since we offer several casting processes, our engineering will review our customers’ design requirements and present options on which casting process meets the design requirements and will provide the best cost and quality. Please see our section “Die, Investment & Cast Process” under MFG Processes explained to understand each process’s differences and the positives and negatives.

Aluminum Diecast CATV Nickel plated Chassis
Aluminum CATV Nickel Plated Chassis
Die-cast aluminum pump housing
Aluminum Pump Housing

Casting Capabilities

If our customers are looking at castings as an option for their component, they must consider the MOQ, NRE (Mold Cost), material, and possible machining after casting. Each casting process has positives and negatives for each of these.

Die Casting
  • MOQ: 500-10K+
  • NRE/Mold: High
  • Part Cost: Low
  • Machining: The majority of the tolerances are as cast at higher tolerances, limit the machining to items like tapped threads
  • Materials: Aluminum ( ADC 12 and ASTM A380 Aluminum including A360.0, 383.0, 384.0 and A413.0), Zinc and Magnesium
Investment Casting (Lost Wax)
  • MOQ: 100-10K
  • NRE/Mold: Medium
  • Part Cost: Medium
  • Machining: The majority of the tolerances are as cast at higher tolerances, limit the machining to items like tapped threads
  • Materials: Aluminum, Steel & Stainless Steel
Sand Casting
  • MOQ: 10-1000
  • NRE/Mold: Low
  • Part Cost: High
  • Machining: The majority of the tolerances  that require medium to high requirements must be machined
  • Materials: Steel ( ASTM A216, WCA, WCB, WCC, and others)(and Alloys), Stainless Steel Bronze, Copper Aluminum, Zinc, and Iron
Zinc Die Cast Face Plate out of lighter Zinc
Zinc Die Cast Face Plate
Zinc Die Cast connector
Zinc Die Cast Connector

Additional FULL SERVICE Contact Manufacturing Capabilities

 FULL-SERVICE means the contract manufacturer can provide you with a finished part such as machining, powder coating, silk screening, Plating, and fastener installation. Ionthis is a  “one-stop-shop“. This eliminating having to resend out your part for a secondary process to separate multiple vendors. The significant advantage of this is you now only have one source responsible for your quality and on-time delivery needs. Below are our typical but not limited to capabilities

Steel Investment_cast Clamp
Steel Investment Cast Clamp
Bolted Cover Steel
Finished Steel Cover

We Contact Manufacture but not Limited to the Below Castings

Aluminum Sand Cast Gear Housing
Aluminum Sand Cast Gear Housing
Steel_Sand_Cast Cylinder End Caps
Steel Sand Cast Cylinder End Caps
Aluminum_Sand_Cast Moter Housing
Aluminum Sand Cast Motor Housing


Cradle to Grave” means as your product matures, we will continually give you suggestions, (process changes, material changes, sub-assemblies) to reduce your cost giving you an improved sales advantage. An example would be perhaps at the beginning of marketing your product, your volumes are low, and you do not want to make the investment in die-cast molds and tooling and manufacturing a large quantity, 

Ionthis could make your finished prototype part(s) from sand cast or even economically machine the part from a solid metal block. Your NRE investment would be low but the part price might be higher but absorb-able. When your volume gets high enough to justify die-cast Ionthis can move you into a Die Cast. This is “Cradle to Grave”.

For a DFM/Analysis and recommendations of your Die-Cast, Investment Cast, and Sand Cast component or assembly, feel free to contact Ionthis at engr@ionthis.com

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