What we are is a FULL SERVICE “Cradle to Grave” Contact Manufacturer

Ionthis’s value proposition is that we manage the manufacturing within an approved/audited factory, most factories of these factories we have done successful business with for years.

Our own personnel manages all stages from from purchasing of raw material through manufacturing, inspection, packing and then we even control the shipping taking full responsibility of the product that we meet any exceed our customer’s quality and design requirements, this is who we are.

What we are is an Engineering Driven Full Service Contract Manufacturer That Provides MANUFACTURING MANAGEMENT Within:

  • Engineering/design services from your final or preliminary design, sample or just an idea
  • TOTAL CONTROL/MANAGEMENT of the manufacturing within approved/audited factories
  • Inspection services within China
  • We are a true “CRADLE to CRAVE contract manufacturer, ie if you start with a low quantity sheet metal part but as demand increase and we can save you cost, we can recommend alternatives of Die Cast or Plastic Injection to save you $$$s
  • Turn key services that can provide box and kitted components to include but not limited to bolting/fasteners, springs machined or plastic components, and instruction manuals
  • Project Management
  • Logistics/Delivery to you door
Who we are SolidWork Design Contract Manufacturing

Experience within China since 1989

"We-Engineer for CHINA"

  • Materials are Different in China, we engineer the correct equivalent
    • Steel, 50% of the Strength of the USA
    • USA Gauge Metal not available, 14 Gauge ≈1.897mm, in China… you will be force fed 1.8 to 1.5 not 1.9-2mm
  • Drawing Notes/Terms are not clear when directly translated, we add more detail
  • American Processes/Standards here are unknown or not available in China, we specify clearly in Chinese
  • We will redesign Box Builds, Partial assembly to save shipping/assembly cost
  • Compactness for shipping, Bulky fabricated designs redesigned for smaller footprint, (shipping volume $$s) for shipping but easily assembled upon arrival
  • Might have to split into 2 factories for cost savings but consolidate for shipping

Entrepreneur services from concept to delivery to distribution

Manufacturing (Ionthis CONTROLS/Manages)

  • Production → Target smaller Quantities, 25-5000
  • Factory Selection
      • Ability & Capacity
      • Qualify Personnel
      • Procedures are in place and followed (ISO9001…)
      • Training Procedures and Records
    • Set up/write Quality Plans & Manufacturing Procedures
    • Set up cells just for our production if required
    • Supply critical tooling or machines
    • Train and walk through first production run
    • Spot Audits
Who We Are CNC Sheet Metal Manufacturing Turret Punch
Who We Are Automated Aluminum Die Cast

Although we routinely manufacture large production runs, We specialize in LOW COST SMALL QUANTITIES

Valvtron Valve Body ASTM A105 Forging
SGS ASTM A105 Material Report

Raw Material

  • Negotiate cost , do not buy from relationship (“the Chinese Way”)
    • USA Steel fluctuates 10% depending on vendor
    • China 300%
  • VERIFY correct material (ASTM, ANSI, etc.) purchased, not an Chinese “assumed” equal
  • Critical materials we will inspect the MILL
  • If Forging is required, Audit Forge Vendor
  • If Heat Treat is required
    • Write procedure per applicable code
    • Audit Heart Treat Facility
  • If Material is Critical, outside testing performed at LAB

Raw Material

True "CRADLE to GRAVE" contract Manufacturer

Inspection (Ionthis set up within the factory)

  • In process sampling, IPQC,, standard
  • Standard MIL-STD-105
  • Critical Parts
    • CMM 15%-100% Critical Dimension depending on part
    • Normal 30%-100% Critical Dimension depending on part
    • Random 15%-50% depending on part
    • RT, MT & LP if needed
    • Other customer Specified requirements
  • Visual Inspection 50%-100%
  • Ionthis Inspectors
    • Audit the above test
    • Perform 5%-30% random test
    • Visual Test 5%-30%
Who we are CMM (coordinate measuring machine) contract Manufacturing insperction
Metal Seated Valvtron Ball

Receive the process that work best for you, not force fed only "1" MFG process

Packing double wall for export

MRP/How to feed the our customer’s factory

  • Single part delivered monthly
  • 1-2 small skids only when inventory is low
  • Consolidated containers from 5 factories/process shipped weekly
  • Project plus inventory consolidated container
  • Retail single or kit packed & shipped to distribution

FULL SERVICE contact Manufacturer


  • Deign for PROTECTION & ease of receiving at our customers
  • Palletizing & Protection
  • Tagging and bar coding
  • Rust prevention, bagging, etc.
  • Inspect during and after
Organized Protected Packing Desiccant
Packing for export contract manufacturing

Full Process Control

Who We Are Logistics


  • Deign for PROTECTION & ease of receiving at our customers
  • Palletizing & Protection
  • Tagging and bar coding
  • Rust prevention, bagging, etc.
  • Inspect during and after

This is Who We Are!