Aluminum Extruded
Large Aluminum Heat Sink
Long Aliminum Extrusion Heat_sink used in the 5G wireless network
Long Aluminum Heat Sink used for Wireless 5G
Heat Sink with Thermal Pad and PEM

Ionthis Extrusions and Heat Sinks, Heat Pipes, Enclosures and Components

Ionthis manufactures Aluminum Extruded Heat Sinks and Heat Pipes including Aluminum Extruded Enclosures, Housing and components and  multitudes of Mechanical Heat Dissipating Components including: :

  1. Traditional Extruded Heat Sinks.
  2. Heat Pipe: utilizes a sealed copper tube to transfer heat from a source  to a traditional heat sink.
  3. Liquid Cooled Heat Pipes: utilizes copper tubes to flow liquid through a plate our an extruded heat sink for additional cooling.
  4. Spreader Bars / Cold Plates Heat Sink: utilizes solid copper bars are plate inserted into a aluminum plate or heat sink to move heat rapidly away from the heat source.
  5. Folded Fin Heat Sink: Utilizes thin copper folded sheet metal and soldered on a plate.
  6. Bonded Fined Heat sinks: uses thin aluminum or copper cut plate that are boned perpendicular to a think plate allowing the fins to be flat, taller and closer together than a traditional Extruded Heat Sink.
  7. Skived Heat Sinks Made from a Skive Machine shaving thin fins off of a plate.
  8. Stamped Sheet Meat Heat Sinks; economical stamped from sheet metal.
  9. Extruded Enclosures, Housings and other Custom OEM Components.

We are capable of extruding the smallest cross-sections up to 30″. We specialize in finished components. What this means is we only extrude the material that meets the quantity requirements not force feed our customers hundreds of feet they cannot use.

We also finish the part including Machining, Welding, Anodizing, Plating, Powder Coating, Silk Screen and much more as shown below. This gives our customers full control of their quality from a single source. For more information about the Extrusion Process and more details on the other heat sinks above, please see our section “Extrusion and Heat Sink Process” under MFG Processes explained.

Extruded housing with PCB rails and heat sink and black anodized
Extruded Housing
Contact Manufacturing Rectangular Extruded housing Enclosure
Rectangular Enclosure with PCB Rails
5G Wireless Extruded Chassis enclosure and Fabricated IP68 Aluminum Chassis
5G Wireless Extruded and Fabricated IP68 Aluminum Chassis


  • Aluminum Extruded Enclosures and Housings , Folded Fin, Bonded Fin, Skived and Stamped Heat Sinks. Materials such as 5053, 6063, 6061 and others.
  • Copper Heat-Pipes, Liquid Cooling, Folded Fin Bonded Fin and Stamped.
  • Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, (316, 304, 303,18-8),Folded Fin, Bonded Fin and Stamped
  • Special Material like Magnesium and Tuitanium are avialible
Contract Manufacturing PCB rails
Black Anodized PCB Rails
Contact Manufacturing extruded Face Plate
Extruded & Engraved Face Plate
Spreader Bar Heat Sink
Spreader Bar / Cold plate
Liquid Cooled Copper Heat Sink-Pipe & Aluminum Heat Sink Combo
Copper Heat Pipe & Aluminum Heat Sink Combo
Liquid Cooled Copper Heat Sink-Pipe in an aluminum extrusion Contract Manufacture
Liquid Cooled Copper Heat Pipe in an Aluminum Extrusion
Large Anodized Aluminum Heat Sink with Copper Heat Pipe
Large Aluminum Finned Sink with Liquid Cooled Copper Heat Pipe



Full Service Contact Manufacturer

FULL-SERVICE means the contract manufacturer can provide you with a finished extrusion or heat sink including but not limited to:

  1. Special Surface Finishes:
    1. Anodizing in a multiple of colors
    2. Alodine
    3. Bead Blasting and Brush Finish
    4. Plating’s from Electroless Nickel, Chrome to Gold
    5. Powder Coating & Masking
  2. PEM/Fastener and Bracket Installation
  3. Silk Screening and Engraving
  4. GTAW and GMAW Welding as well as soldering
  5. Thermal Pad and Past installation including robotic EMI application

We are a “one stop shop “. This eliminating having to resend out your part for a secondary process to a separate multiple vendors. The significant advantage to this is our customers now only have one source responsible for your quality and on time delivery needs.

"Cradle To Grave" Contract Manfacturer

“Cradle to Grave” means as your extruded component or sink matures, we will continually give you suggestions, (process changes, material changes, sub-assemblies) to reduce your cost giving you an improved sales advantage. An example would be perhaps at the beginning of marketing your product, your volumes are low, we are a component manufacture and normally extruders want customers to buy thousands of feet of extruded bar even when the customer only needs 100 sets.

Ionthis is set up to meet the customer requirement and will run only one or two Randoms with a lower cost low volume die to meet our customers smaller quantity requirements. When our customer volumes become high enough to justify a high production die or other processes to reduce the part cost, then Ionthis will recommend move a high production mold or other processes to REDUCE COST. This is “Cradle to Grave”.

For a DFM/Analysis and recommendations of your Precision Extruded Components or Heat Sinks, feel free to contact Ionthis at engr@ionthis.com

Fins for Folded Fin Heat Sink
Fins for Folded Fin
Copper Folded Fin Heat Sink
Copper Folded Fin Sink
Skived Copper Sink
Skived Copper Heat Sink
Stamped Sheet Metal Heat Sink
Stamped Sheet Metal Sink
Bonded fin Heat Sink
Bonded Fin Heat Sink