Custom Machining & Forging

Metal Seated Valvtron Ball
Ball Valve Machined Ball
Wireless 5G Box Cover with integral heat sink
Machined Box Cover With Integral Heat Sink
ASTM A105 Valvtron Valve Body Machined
A105 Valve Body Machined

Ionthis Custom Machining and Forging Capabilities

Ionthis has Custom Machining & Forging capabilities that far exceed our competition. What makes Ionthis unique is our engineering and technical team will take you product and your design, quality and YOUR quantity needs and match them with the correct or possibly a couple processes to meet our customer needs. This allows you to make their best-informed decision and not force feed them only one process. If required, we will produce a “near finish forging or casting to further meta your requirements To understand the differences in each process plus the positives and negatives please see our section “Machining & Forging” under MFG Processes explained.

Contact manufacturing a Valvtron valve seat machining on a 120" Vertical Turret Lathe
120" Vertical Turret Lathe
CMM (coordinate measuring machine) contract Manufacturing inspection on a Valvtron ball valve body
CMM Valve Body inspection
Single Axis Machining center contact manufacturing a die cast body
1-Axis CNC Machining Center

Machining Capabilities

Valvtron Valve Body ASTM A105 Forging
Valve Body ASTM A105 Forging
Forged pump housing stainless steel and machined finished
Forged Stainless Pump Housing & Machined Finished
ASTM A105 Valvtron Ball Valve Seat Forging After MT (Magnetic particle testing testing)
ASTM A105 Ball Valve Seat Forging

Forging Capabilities