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Contract Manufacturing

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a company that has a new idea, design, or are exploring cost-saving options or just need manufacturing resources you cannot find, Ionthis strives to provide the highest quality production and the lowest possible cost.

We are a cradle to grave full service contract manufacturer. We can manufacture from a completed design/ drawing or complete the design ourselves from sketch on a napkin. We work with our customers through design, prototyping, small production runs to establish the market and then into full production.
What makes us a uniquely different Contract Manufacturer is that we also make recommendations for cost reductions during the product concept through the life of the product. An example of this is we might first start off machining a part low quantities, as the production numbers increase we will make recommendations to moved to a die cast or extrusion do reduce thye overall cost of the part and then even possibly to an engineered plastic at 1/20 the of the original cost, we might make less $s overall but we have built a strong relationship with our customer

Ball Valve Machining Ringwald Valvtron Sheet metal aluminum bracket

Ionthis was formed by engineering professionals experienced in manufacturing USA products in China as a way for small to medium companies to gain access to manufacturing in China to reduce cost or to extend manufacturing capabilities and/or capacity without sacrificing quality. Today Ionthis is a FULL SERVICE CONTRACT MANUFACTURER and is a USA owned and operated company in Houston Texas USA with offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai China that specialize in designing and contract manufacturing of components and utilizing the cost savings in manufacturing components or finished products and assemblies in China. Ionthis is NOT a middle man, we manage the manufacturing within factories that will meet our customers DESIGN and QUALITY requirements, see our section on “Why Ionthis” for further information


Silpoura Silicone poring spout Die Cast aluminum pump housing
Our team in Houston Texas and China is able to provide our customers with a complete value analysis incorporating our knowledge of manufacturing processes within China. Ionthis focuses on more than one small aspect of your application. Our extensive experience includes fabrication, machining, tooling, surface treatments, assembly, box builds packaging and logistics allowing our experienced engineering team to analyze the entire manufacturing cycle and identify efficiencies and opportunities for cost savings. We will suggest design enhancements utilizing our vast experience to improve quality while reducing cost. Note our capabilities include high quantity production runs but we have the flexibility and specialize in smaller MOQs that many competitors refuse to consider and give a price to your door to meet your unique needs and YOUR standards.
Power Supply aluminum sheet matal housing Aluminum heat sink extrusion


Capabilities include but are not limited to:
Sheet Metal Fabrication, Brackets, Enclosures & Components
Die Cast Components & Enclosures
Plastic Fabrication
Custom Machining and Fabrication
Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses
Semi & Complete Box Build


We take out the RISK, NOT the COST SAVINGS,

in manufacturing in China.

We have over 30 years experience within China and deliver to YOUR door a product with a guaranteed price and quality!!!


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Direct: 832 955 1531
Fax: 713 983 8528