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An Engineering Driven Full Service Contract Manufacturer That Provides MANUFACTURING MANAGEMENT Within: SolidWorks design of Silpoura spout
  • Engineering/design services from your final or preliminary design, sample or just an idea
  • TOTAL CONTROL/MANAGEMENT of the manufacturing within approved/audited factories
  • Inspection services within China
  • Turn key services that can provide box and kitted components to include but not limited to bolting/fasteners, springs machined or plastic components, and instruction manuals
  • Project Management
  • Logistics/Delivery to you door

Experience within China since 1989

Entrepreneur services from concept to delivery to distribution

Contract Manufacturing Inspection "We-Engineer for CHINA"
  • Materials are Different in China, we engineer the correct equivalent
    • Steel, 50% of the Strength Gauge Metal not available 14
    • Gauge ≈1.897mm, in China… 1.8 to 1.75
  • Drawing Notes/Terms are not clear when directly translated, we add more detail
  • American Processes/Standards here are unknown or not available in China, we specify clearly in Chinese
  • We will redesign Box Builds, Partial assembly to save shipping/assembly cost
  • Compactness for shipping, Bulky fabricated designs redesigned for smaller footprint, (shipping volume $$$s) for shipping but easily assembled upon arrival
  • Might have to split into 2 factories for cost savings but consolidate for shipping


Manufacturing (Ionthis CONTROLS/Manages)

  • Production → Target smaller Quantities, 25-5000
  • Factory Selection
      • Ability & Capacity
      • Qualify Personnel
      • Procedures are in place and followed (ISO9001…)
      • Training Procedures and Records
    • Set up/write Quality Plans & Manufacturing Procedures
    • Set up cells just for our production if required
    • Supply critical tooling or machines
    • Train and walk through first production run
    • Spot Audits
CNC Sheet Metal Punch
Robotic Die Cast aluminum
ASTM A10f Valve Body Forging China SGS Material test ASTM A105

Raw Material

  • Negotiate cost , do not buy from relationship ("the Chinese Way")
    • USA Steel fluctuates 10% depending on vendor
    • China 300%
  • VERIFY correct material (ASTM, ANSI, etc.) purchased, not an Chinese "assumed" equal
  • Critical materials we will inspect the MILL
  • If Forging is required, Audit Forge Vendor
  • If Heat Treat is required
    • Write procedure per applicable code
    • Audit Heart Treat Facility
  • If Material is Critical, outside testing performed at LAB

Inspection (Ionthis set up within the factory)

  • In process sampling, standard
  • Standard MIL-STD-105
  • Critical Parts
    • CMM 15%-100% Critical Dimension depending on part
    • Normal 30%-100% Critical Dimension depending on part
    • Random 15%-50% depending on part
    • RT, MT & LP if needed
    • Other customer Specified requirements
  • Visual Inspection 50%-100%
  • Ionthis Inspectors
    • Audit the above test
    • Perform 5%-30% random test
    • Visual Test 5%-30%

CMM Valve Body inspection

CMM Metal seated ball valve ball CMM
China Expoert Box Packing China Container Packing loading

MRP/How to feed the our customer’s factory

  • Single part delivered monthly
  • 1-2 small skids only when inventory is low
  • Consolidated containers from 5 factories/process shipped weekly
  • Project plus inventory consolidated container
  • Retail single or kit packed & shipped to distribution

Consumables/Critical Items (supplied from the Americas)

  • Thread Taps, special tools, Gauges
  • Special Connectors/Tape/Buyouts
  • Welding Consumables
China Palletized export shipping China export honycomb protective packing


  • Deign for PROTECTION & ease of receiving at our customers
  • Palletizing & Protection
  • Tagging and bar coding
  • Rust prevention, bagging, etc.
  • Inspect during and after


  • Price delivered to your door(s)
  • Price to Distribution
  • Or FCA, FOB or others
China Container FOB Delivery moter Frieght
PH: 800 276 2792
Direct: 832 955 1531
Fax: 713 983 8528
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